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    Welcome! 1S Tiling started in 2015 and lead by 15 years of experience tiling contractor.  We supply various type of floor tiles and also help numerous clients in tiling work across Singapore.

    Tiling is an expensive endeavour, and it’s imperative that you ensure your investment will stand the test of time. That’s why it’s advisable to work with a reputable tiling contractor who can deliver the best possible results for your tiling project.

    A trusted and experienced tiling contractor will not only help you appraise your project appropriately but will also help you get the best products and high-quality finishes at reasonable prices. That’s what we are all about.

    What We Do

    Tile Installation

    For all your tile installation needs, we’ve got you covered, including kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, wall tiling, balcony tiling, floor tiling, shower base tiling, swimming pool tiling, as well as outdoor tiling.


    Tile Repair

    We offer all tiling related repair and maintenance services. We can handle any type of tiles, including ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, marble tiles, homogeneous tiles, and porcelain tiles. With our top-notch, professional repair services, we can restore your old, worn out tiled surfaces to their original luster.

    Waterproofing Tile Works

    We can waterproof any surface in your home to prevent the development of mould, cracks, discolouration, and other detrimental tiling issues that result from seepage of moisture into your tiled surfaces.

    Why Choose Us

    We are a premier tiling contractor Singapore Company with 15 years’ experience in the tiling business. We have a team of certified and experienced tilers who are committed to delivering the best results to both our residential and commercial clients. If you make us your Singapore tiles company of choice, you’ll enjoy the following:

    Direct contractor rates

    We’re a reputable direct tiler Singapore contractor. We use our own tiling specialists. This helps you save money as you won’t incur middleman costs.

    Premium quality

    We only use superior materials and work with reputable tile suppliers to ensure we deliver quality work. Moreover, we’re committed to delivering high-quality tiling finishes based on your preferred material and at an affordable cost.

    Warranty coverage

    Being an experienced tiles contractor, we believe in our abilities and hence offer multi-year warranty for all our tiling services to ensure you have peace of mind.

    Great customer support

    Our hospitable customer staff are always ready to answer all your queries and address your concerns regarding our tiling services.

    What Customers Say About Us?




    We’ve just installed our floor tiles. Amazing job! 1S Tilling were exceptionally professional. They explained every step of the process to us. Want your floors done? Contact them.

     Ming Yan



    I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but 1S Tilling proved that it’s possible to transform an old, beat-up bathroom into a beautiful, glistening space without breaking a bank. The results were awe-inspiring. I would recommend them to my friends.

     Siew Lee



    1S Tilling did a remarkable job patching up several areas of cracked grout and loose tiles in my house.

    We are the most sought after tiling contractor Singapore Company for residential and commercial property owners who appreciate quality work and durable finishes. If you’re looking for a reputable flooring contractor Singapore Company, don’t hesitate to call us.

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