The Ultimate Guide for Homogeneous Tiles in Singapore

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    When it comes to deciding which tiles to use in your home, there are several options to choose from. You would want something that is of excellent quality and injects beauty and charm into your space. The tiles you choose should also provide flooring that can stand up to heavy use. That makes homogeneous tiles an ideal choice.

    What are Homogeneous tiles?

    Homogenous tiles are a type of porcelain tiles whose colours run uniformly through its entire thickness. These types of tile won’t expose a clay base when chipped. They are also known as unglazed porcelain tiles and are made of special tiling materials and clay.

    Homogeneous floor tiles are arguably the most durable flooring material you can get on the market today. During manufacturing, they are subjected to temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Celsius, which make them tough and water-resistant and hence ideal for areas of heavy use.  

    The 7 Benefits of Homogeneous tiles

    Ask any Homogeneous tiles Singapore supplier, and they’ll tell you there are numerous benefits to installing these tiles. Below are some of the benefits:

    1. Resistant to cracks
      The firing process in the manufacture of homogeneous tiles gives them an extra level of protection, which makes them difficult to crack. While most tiles are quite easy to replace if they get worn out, it’s still a hassle that you could avoid by installing tiles that are harder wearing. 
    2. Easy to clean
      With homogenous tiles, you can save a lot of time that you otherwise would spend on maintenance. A quick wipe is typically all that you need to keep these tiles clean. This makes them an ideal choice of tiles if you’re running a busy household. Whenever your tiles start to appear dirty, wipe them down, and they’ll look good as new.
    3. Ideal for heavy foot traffic
      Thanks to their unmatched strength, homogeneous tiles are ideal for floors that receive heavy foot traffic, such as commercial areas, schools, hospitals, and outdoor areas. These tiles are commonly used to cover the floors and walls of public spaces.
    4. Water resistant and non-porous
      Homogeneous tiles have a low absorption rate. They promote efficient water drainage and smooth flow. This makes them ideal for bathroom and kitchen tiling. You can use the small-squared homogeneous tiles for your bathroom flooring and the bigger ones for your kitchen.
    5. Keep off stains
      Stains can become a significant challenge in areas such as the kitchen. If your floor gets severely stained, then it can be a costly and daunting affair to get rid of it. With homogenous tiles, however, you don’t generally experience this challenge because they provide high resistance to stains.
    6. Versatile
      Homogeneous tiles have the attributes of both ceramic and porcelain tiles. That means they can work in any interior and exterior designs.
    7. Slip-resistant
      Homogeneous floor tiles are ideal for slippery areas such as washrooms and kitchens as they are useful in enhancing slip resistance. 

    Should I Get Homogeneous Tiles?

    You can never go wrong when you choose homogeneous tiles for your home finishing. Besides being durable, practical, and easy to maintain, these tiles can also transform an otherwise dull home into a bright and lovely living space. Moreover, the price of homogeneous tiles is worth the benefits they offer.

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