Top 3 Tips for Choosing Your Toilet Tiles

The bathroom may not be one of the most visible part of the house, but is in no way less important. As a matter of fact, the bathroom is one of the most used area of the house, and its overall look and functionality is crucial in ensuring a comfortable living condition. The choice of toilet tiles including the design, surface, and shape will create an impact in how the toiler room looks and functions.

When you go on tile shopping for the first time, the selection of toilet tiles can be overwhelming. In order to trim down your options, we came up with these tips to help you decide on how to pick the right tiles for your toilet.

  1. Decide on the look of your bathroom first

This item alone is already quite extensive, but will nonetheless make the whole process of picking the toilet tiles way easier after. Some people prefer a lighter and spacious bathroom, while other like to make it more intimate and sophisticated. From this decision alone, you will already know which colors of tiles to choose from. Lighter colored tiles basically look neater and make the entire space look larger. The downside here is the maintenance of light-colored tiles, especially since the toilet area is more prone to staining. On the other hand, dark colored tiles create more drama and personality for the bathroom. Darker bathrooms promote better relaxation, with lesser hassle on maintenance, as well.

  • Always Choose the Durable Tiles for Toilets

Another thing that will overwhelm you during tile shopping is just how many types of tiles there are to choose from. However, the most common ones are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Given that the bathroom is a frequently used area of the house, it is safer to go for the more durable type of tiles such as porcelain tiles. Although more expensive than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are sturdy enough to deal with constant moisture and temperature changes. If you want a more rustic look with almost similar quality, you may also opt for natural stone tiles.

  • Find a Good Tiler

No matter how expensive or how pretty your tile selection is, without a skilled tiler, your bathroom concept will not be as successful. An experienced tiler will understand your design needs, while also ensuring a high quality installation to prevent your bathroom tiles from cracking or needing maintenance sooner than it should. You can ensure to find a good tiling contractor by checking for their skill accreditation, as well as other references. These days, the tillers are now associated with a larger tiling company, so it’s easier to assess whether they are the right pick for you.

Bathroom tiles installation can be both tricky and rewarding. The key is to look for both high quality supplies and tiling services in order to achieve your dream toilet concept.

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