When to Choose Homogenous Tiles for Your Flooring

You may have heard about homogenous tiles before as one of the top recommended types of tiles to use for a house or office.  However, if you are not yet sure or familiar enough with homogenous tiles, then you may end up spending way too much for a flooring that may not necessarily work for you. Ceramic tiles in general have already been proven to be sturdy enough for almost any property. Homogenous tiles though offer more than just durability, but also better structure and density. This is also the reason why this type of tiles is more expensive than the usual ceramic tile.

To make the most out of your investment, here is a quick guide on whether homogenous tiling is really the best option for your needs. This list will include factors from foot traffic, type of property, nature of indoor activities, and weather.

Foot Traffic

One top consideration before deciding on the type of flooring that you want is the number of people using or passing by the area. For a typical family house, it is expected to have minimal to normal foot traffic, which does not necessarily require tiles that are as dense and sturdy as homogenous tiles. However, another option is to use this in areas where you anticipate most activities happening inside the house, such as the patio (where you hold events), or kitchen. Other than this, the usual ceramic tiles will suffice for the home flooring.

Type of Property

Although there are homogeneous tiles that are manufactured mainly for residential units, there are also thicker and denser ones that are meant for commercial spaces such as offices and malls. With this, before deciding on going for homogenous tiles as your flooring, make sure to ask the specifications of the tile you are buying so you do not end up paying for more than what you need. Homogenous for commercial spaces are often designed to withstand heavier load, from people to equipment, without cracking or getting scratched.


One key feature of homogenous tiles is their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, if you leave in a country or area where moisture constantly builds up indoor and outdoor, homogenous tiles could be your best choice. This is also the reason why some household and complexes choose to install homogenous tiles in areas that mostly deal with water and moisture, to avoid unwanted damages on their flooring.

Along with the benefits of homogenous tiles, it is also worth noting that this is one of the most complicated type of tiles to install. This is why it needs thorough consideration to opt for this type of flooring, especially if you have cost and time constraints in your flooring plan. Other ceramic tiles will often do the great flooring job for residential spaces. Learn more about finding the right tiles contractor.

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